Admissions and Tuition Fees

How to enroll your child in the Arrowsmith Program

The decision as to whether a student who is experiencing difficulty at school may be suitable for Arrowsmith School can usually be made based on discussion by telephone with parents and often with the students themselves.

Where necessary, we can also review school report cards and results of academic and psychological testing. Our experience has shown that most parents can identify with great accuracy the problems that their child is having at school.

In the summer each student enrolling at Arrowsmith is assessed to determine the student’s learning profile and to plan the student’s program. Immediate assessment procedures is in the Assessment section of the Toronto School.

Enrollment and tuition for the Arrowsmith Program

The annual tuition fee for the 2013 - 2014 school year is between $18,000 - $22,000.  The only other fees or charges will be for various field trips throughout the school year. Tuition fees are not subject to the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) or Provincial Sales Tax.

Tuition fees at private schools are not tax deductible. Parents of students enrolled in the Arrowsmith Program in Canada (at Arrowsmith School and at other schools that offer this program) may claim the Medical Expense Tax Credit.  In certain circumstances, transportation and additional living expenses may qualify for the Medical Expense Tax Credit. Determination of whether an individual qualifies for the Medical Expense Tax Credit is made by Revenue Canada. We recommend that families in all cases contact their own accountant or financial advisor. Links to information on this are located under Tax Credit (Canada).


Arrowsmith Only: $18,000 
This fee structure is for individuals who have already graduated from High School and do not require Academic Programming. They are only required to attend our facility in the mornings. 

Arrowsmith & Campus School: $22,000 
This fee structure is for students who will be attending our campus school full time. 

Arrowsmith & Online School: $20,000 
This fee structure is for students who will be attending our campus school in the mornings and working online at home in the afternoons.,

* LCA may have scholarships of from $1000 - $3,000 available to qualifying families.