From left, Silbert Ray Evans, Donald (Pro) Gibson, Bijan Duncombe, Nathaniel Nawbold Jr., Linroi Russell and Principal Michael Karpishka pose for a photo outside of the Life Christian Academy in Orleans yesterday.

The four newest members of the Life Christian Academy basketball team moved from the Bahamas to Orleans last week ‘ only to turn their attention right back home as their country was hit by Hurricane Irene.

“We were very worried,” said coach Silbert Ray Evans. “It took some of us a day, two days, three days, before we heard back from family members.”

It turned out a little damage to Evans’ aunt’s roof was the worst that happened.

Now Evans must transform the athletic program at the 65-student school, which didn’t have an indoor gym until they started using the YMCA this year.

Evans coached the Blazers in the Bahamas and was trying to get his players into Life Christian Academy in North Carolina, when he called Ottawa school principal Michael Karpishka by mistake.

Karpishka offered him a job as athletic director and five of his players were accepted to the school.

 More are coming next year.