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Toonies to help education in Haiti (Orleans Star)
January 29, 2010

An Orléans school is holding a fundraising drive called Toonies for Haiti to support schools affected by the Jan. 12 devastating earthquake.

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By Mac Christie -

The Life Christian Academy, a private school located in Orléans, is asking all students to bring in at least two dollars – although it can be more – over the next three weeks. 

Students at the school approached teachers with the idea of raising money for the earthquake victims, says principal Michael Karpishka. “The idea came through the hallways and came to the attention of one of the teachers,” says Karpishka. “Our kids wanted to react and get involved in the project but the biggest question is who do you donate to?” 

Karpishka notes the school wanted to make sure the money they raised would go to Haiti, rather than being used for administrative costs at larger charitable organizations. 

The school is affiliated with the Association of Christian Schools International. On Feb. 6, the school is going to pass the money raised onto the ACSI at a conference. “We’re going to say ‘Here. We’re not sure where this money is going to ultimately lead, but we want to sow in to Christian education down in Haiti,’” explains Karpishka. 

Mark Kennedy, the association's director for Eastern Canada, also oversees Christian schools in Haiti. He says the money the school is collecting will be used for school rebuilding, but it won’t happen immediately. “The key issue right now is to get people water and food and key medical attention that they need,” he adds. “Once that settles down, what we want to do is to help rebuild the schools that have been demolished.” 

Karpishka notes the school is encouraging parents to donate to relief organizations, but to specify the donation is for use in Haiti. 

The fundraiser began on Jan. 15, and Karpishka says the donation jar is starting to fill up. “Even if we send $10 down that’s going to help,” he states, “but I think it’s going to be much more than that as the weeks go by.” 

Karpishka says he hopes his school’s example can inspire others and they can collectively make a difference. “We’re confident that we can get life back to normal as quickly as possible for these kids.” 

Kennedy says other ACSI member schools are fundraising, and the association is getting calls from schools in the United States. He notes 60 per cent of Haitian children, over one million, go to private Christian schools.