Life Christian Virtual Academy (

What Makes Life Christian Virtual Acedemy (LCVA) Unique?

LCVA exists to help families worldwide deliver high quality Christian education to students. We have more than 90 courses for grades 6-12, as well as over 130 Dual Credit courses from leading Christian Colleges and Universities. LCVA desires to glorify Christ and encourages students to learn how to process information and think critically in the context of a Biblical worldview. Our courses are rigorous and exceed all national standards and recommendations.


LCVA is located in Canadas Capital (Ottawa). However, we ae affiliated with teachers spread out across the North America. From these locations, we can effectively serve astudents froml around the world.

Who Develops Our Courses?

Start with the best, and then make it better. Rather than starting from scratch, a focuse was placed on enhancing courses from the best, award-winning curriculum partners like Florida Virtual School, Aventa, Summit Ministries and PrepMe.

Rights were negotiated to modify the courses to include biblical integration and Christian Worldview teaching throughout the courses.