Course Extension Policy

A unique feature of online courses with LCVA is the ability to provide students an option in the amount of time they can take to finish a course. Students who enroll in a course are asked to select a pace at which they will work. Students may select to work at either an ACCELERATED, TRADITIONAL, or EXTENDED pace.

LCVA defines the amount of time necessary to complete a course as follows:

ACCELERATED PACE: 9-12 weeks for ½ credit course.
18-24 weeks for a 1 credit course.

TRADITIONAL PACE: 18 weeks for a ½ credit course.
36 weeks for a 1 credit course.

EXTENDED PACE: 27 weeks (6 months) for ½ credit course.
52 weeks (1 year) for a 1 credit course.

The option of working at an extended pace has potential ramifications for future course scheduling, graduation, and computer access (particularly for students who require a school computer to do their online work). Therefore, LCVA requires all students who desire to work at the extended pace to have the approval of their parents and their traditional school counselors (if applicable).

This form must be signed and returned toLCVA Principal ( prior to a student being granted the permission to work at an extended pace.
This includes:

a) Students who declare that they desire to work at an extended pace from the onset of entering a course.
b) Students who wish to change their original pace declaration from accelerated or traditional to the extended pace.

Extenuating circumstances may require a student to need more time beyond an extended pace schedule (6 months for 1-semester course; 12 months for 2-semester course). In this case, approval must be granted by the (LCVA) Principal at least 2 weeks in advance of the end date. Courses that are officially extended beyond the 6/12 month period (6 months: 1-sem; 12 months: 2-semester) will incur an additional $40 fee. If a LCVA teacher was used, there is an additional $50 required (which goes to the teacher). These fees cover a 3 month period. There are no extensions after this point.

Class Extensions:
To avoid additional fees, any request for a class extension must be placed at least two weeks before the class’s original end date. If the request is approved, the student and teacher will develop a new pace chart that must be strictly adhered to.

If the request is made after the two-week deadline (but before the end date), the student will be charged $90 for any extension they may be approved for.

If the end date passes, and the student has not requested an extension, any missing work would be counted as 0s and the student would receive the grade earned to that point.

Once a grade has been submitted for the class, the student may be allowed to re-enroll to finish the course, if it is within 2 weeks after the end date. The Principal would need to approve this re-admission. The student would submit a work plan along with the request to re-enroll for the class. If the student needs less than one month from the original end date to complete the course, the student will be charged $90 for the re-enrollment. If the student needs more than one month from the original end date to complete the course, the entire class tuition would have to be paid again, excluding the teacher fee. No past payments would be applied to the new class. Grades could be rolled over at the request of the student.