ELL/ESL Online

For English Language Learners (ELL), or those who need English as a Second Language(ESL) instruction, LCVA provides five online ELL/ESL courses that offer:

  • Flexibility: Any Pace, Any Place, at Any Time
  • 100 Hours of Instruction per Course
  • Preparation for Cambridge Exams
  • Skype Sessions with Native English Language Tutors
  • Reasonable Prices

Students can sign-up online and complete an English Level test in order to be placed in an appropriate course level suited to their needs. Sevenstar will provide the facilitator for these courses.

Students can access the online classroom at any time and place through the internet. In the online classroom, students can utilize multi-media learning tools at their own pace to improve their command of English.

  • Six hours of lessons per week for twenty weeks OR twenty hours of lessons per week for six weeks.
  • Language tutors are available for one-on-one conversation time with students.
  • This is a one-semester course, but is awarded .5 credit for completion.

ELL/ESL Online allows students to converse one-on-one with English tutors at a reasonable price. Students can learn to speak English fluently without traveling abroad.



ICOS for Parents

Students can access the online classroom at any time and place through the internet.


Culturally Sensitive

Culturally Sensitive

Many English courses teach entirely within a Western cultural context, but LCVA provides ELL/ESL students with instructional materials within Eastern and Western contexts. The culturally-relevant content improves learning for the growing number of English learners from non-Western or European cultures, since students can learn within a frame of familiar cultural concepts.

LCVA's cultural modules—such as Simplified Chinese Characters, Korean Heroes, and Traditional Chinese Proverbs—relate English words to familiar Asian cultural concepts. Western cultural scenarios are interspersed to give Eastern students the opportunity to practice English while learning about Canadian culture. Study aids include cartoons and Canadian Tips to stimulate discussion between the student and their English-Language tutor.

Cambridge Standards


Cambridge ESOL offers the world's leading range of certificates for learners and teachers of English - taken by over three million people in 130 countries. More than 8,500 employers, universities, and government institutions worldwide recognize the Cambridge ESOL qualifications.

ELL/ESL Online courses help prepare students to take several of the Cambridge Exams. 

ELL/ESL Beginner Course (Level 1) prepares students for the Key English Test (KET). The KET is Cambridge ESOL's exam which recognizes the ability to communicate with everyday written and spoken English at a basic level. 

ELL/ESL Lower (Level 2) and Upper (Level 3) Intermediate Course prepares students for the Preliminary English Test (PET).  The PET is an exam for those who can communicate in everyday written and spoken English at the intermediate level, and it covers all four language skills. 

ELL/ESL Advanced Course (Level 4) prepares students for entry into an English-speaking High School. It covers both the learning outcomes of the British Columbia Year 9 as well as a portion of the Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE).

ELL/ESL Expert Course (Level 5) prepares students for the Cambridge International English Language Testing System (IELTS).  IELTS is increasingly recognized by educational institutions, employers, and government agencies, as proof of English language skills.

Online Language Tutors


Through Skype, our ELL/ESL online language tutors are available worldwide. All of our language tutors are Native English speakers and each language tutor has received special training in order to assist Language Learners with English proficiency.

Every language tutor wants to learn about your culture and is interested in sharing life experiences. Many of our tutors have traveled abroad and our language tutors are happy to assist students in improving English fluency through conversational topics.