About Life Christian Virtual Academy

Life Christian Virtual Academy is a year-round virtual school with all the Biblically-integrated courses a  student needs for grades 6-12 (and even into college). Students can enroll full-time to earn a diploma from our accredited school or take individual courses as needed.

Our virtual academy simplifies academics by providing well-planned, engaging lessons for every course. The curriculum challenges students spiritually and academically, while our learning environment gives parents the power to enage in what is being taught online, modify lessons, and add a variety of enrichment activities. Most classes have an optional honors track and all classes are well structured to maximize student learning and growth.  

Seven Benefits of a LVCA Education

  1. Learning occurs when students want
    • Students can work at their own pace, during the morning, afternoon, or evening
  2. Learning occurs where students want
    • Location is only restricted to places that have Internet
  3. Students select the courses they want, with parent input
  4. LCVA teachers care about each student
  5. God's word is a part of every LCVA course
  6. Sevenstar uses engaging books, movies, and websites as instructional materials
  7. Most school materials are available online