Is LCVA Right for Me?

Life Christian Virtual Academy is for individual students that aspire to take academically-rigorous, biblically-integrated courses online. Whether students are enrolled in a public, private, Christian, or home school, we offer new ways for children to advance their studies and grow in faith. We welcome students to take a single course or enroll full-time at LCVA

Virtual schooling by nature offers flexible scheduling. This enables students to travel, take out-of-sequence courses, and build individualized curriculum plans. Sevenstar Academy is committed to meeting the needs of—and pleased to provide assistance to—students and families. That's why we have experienced Christian teachers and offer training in online teaching methodology, so parents can teach LCVA courses. Not only can parent-led courses save on tuition, but more parental involvement can also improve grades and encourage enrollment in post secondary education.

Will I be successful as an online student?

A successful student enrolled through LCVA should be able to:

  • Communicate through writing
  • Participate in online courses 4-6 days per week
  • Work in each enrolled course for 3-6 hours per week (AP and Advanced courses will require more time)
  • Be self-motivated and disciplined
  • Access a computer with high speed internet
  • Pass this computer skills assessment
  • Be willing to let their instructor know if they are experiencing difficulty

Involvement of Parents or Tutor

A student is not left on his or her own to complete a course. Parents and/or tutors will play a role in helping the student complete the courses successfully by:

  • Helping the students create a schedule and keeping them accountable for their pace
  • Communicating with the online teachers about student's progress and needs
  • Proctoring tests and quizzes
  • Becoming a prayer partner with the online teacher to pray for the success of the students