Athletic Program


Small Private schools will always have challenges in the area of Athletics. Unless they are charging tuition fees in the tens of thousands of dollars and or have hundreds of students enrolled - Athletics is usually scaled down to the bare bone minimums. However, even small private schools can do big things if they set their mind to it. If you have not had a chance to read our NEWS section, you will see that LCA is a small school with a big heart that has really caused some ripples at least in the High School Basketballs community.


Aside and apart from our basketball program, students have the opportunity to physically compete against other schools during the course of the year. From soccer in the fall to track and field in the spring we encourage all students to get involved.


Interscholastic athletics at LCA must fit with our Mission Statement and Christian worldview. Each human being is created by God to praise and serve Him. Body, mind and soul are interdependent and form a whole which cannot be separated. The whole person is called to be an instrument of service to God and others.

Physical activity can influence for good or evil. In and through physical activity one can choose to serve self or God. Christian school athletics should educate students to use expressive movement, create beauty and drama, enjoy activity, develop good health, make wise decisions, accept joy and disappointment, and go beyond self to develop Christian community. God’s gift of sport-play, woven into the fabric of human nature, should, above all, show outward evidence of the inner desire to glorify Him.

Interscholastic athletics under responsible Christian leadership can serve God and others. Education for expressive play and responsible action promotes a program in which students learn:

Character development
Acceptance of joy and
Leadership skills
Physical skills
Team work and cooperation