Is the Arrowsmith Program suitable for you or your child?

Students entering Arrowsmith School have ordinarily been experiencing a range of problems including

  • reading
  • writing
  • mathematics
  • comprehension
  • logical reasoning
  • visual memory
  • auditory memory
  • dyslexia
  • non-verbal learning
  • auditory processing
  • attention

We suggest that parents or students review the list of Learning Dysfunctions Addressed which contains a list of the learning problems that our program addresses and their common features.

The typical student at Arrowsmith SCHOOL

  • is of average or above average intelligence
  • has a combination of the learning dysfunctions that are described in
Descriptions of Learning Dysfunctions on our web site and in our 
does not have severe intellectual, cognitive, emotional or 
    behavioural disorders that would significantly affect his or her ability 
    to participate in the Arrowsmith Program.
  • does not have acquired brain injury or an autism spectrum disorder
  • is of elementary, secondary or post-secondary school age

These are guidelines only. There are many students who fall within these guidelines; others who may require further consideration and still others for whom we feel this program cannot provide meaningful benefit.

For example, we do not accept children with severe autism but we have had success with high functioning students with Asperger Syndrome. Some professionals consider Asperger Syndrome to be the same as or similar to high functioning autism, others associate it with non-verbal learning disorder. There is no hard and fast rule and we will consider their appropriateness for our program in consultation with the student’s parents.

These considerations apply equally to students enrolling at one of the schools that offer our program.

If you are not familiar with the work of Arrowsmith School, we invite you to view the Introductory VIDEO. This fifteen-minute introduction provides an overview of our program and we hope it will answer many of your questions about what we do and the suitability of our program for your child or for yourself.

If it appears you or your child may be a suitable candidate for the Arrowsmith Program, please contact us  electronically or by phone at 613-834-6588