International Parents Association

As a ministry LCA-I & LCVA is constantly looking for ways to reduce the costs associated with providing quality christian education. Any and all school fundraising efforts ususally get associated with the overll operation of our school. However, we would like to encourage parents from various international locations to gather together to help off-set some of the fees directly associated with the International Program. From raising funds to reduce the cost of monthly bus passes to travel expenses associates with our Sports Ministry program, we will ensure that 100% of the funds collected will go directly for the purpose they were collected, and that their is a direct benefit for your child.

In addition, those who take on a key role may benefit from additional a small discount in their monthly tuition. 

From Bake Sales and Car Washes to Church Spaghetti Dinners, the possibilities are endless. We invite all current, past and prospective parents to get involved in this misnistry. Yes, it will take time and effort - but this ministry directly affects not only your children, but those living in your community. Ministry begins at home with your family. we pray that together we can be a blessing around the world.  Studies show that students whose parents are actively involved in contributing (aside from paying tuition) to their over academin needs outperform students whose parents are not engaged. The is a Biblical principal of reaping what you sew. We are not just a boarding school, we are a living, breathing part of the body of Christ. We are the church, we are his bride. All things (All Parents, All Student, All Pastosr, All Administrators, All Teachers)  work together for His glory. Amen!