International Program

International students soon grow to appreciate the safe and clean, yet stimulating and creative environment that marks Ottawa as a premier city in Canada, one of the world's most desirable countries in which to live and study. They easily access many exciting amenities and quickly sense the vibrant heartbeat of the city. Most international students feel as if they are in a "home away from home."

Canada Visa Information.


Are there activities for which a study permit is not required?

Yes, there are activities that do not require a study permit. Generally, a study permit is not required for:

  • attending preschool;
  • completing a distance learning program;
  • following audit courses (where a student is permitted to attend an academic course without obtaining credits);
  • taking courses included in tour packages as a secondary activity for tourists;
  • taking a course which is not academic, professional or vocational in nature that is of general interest and can be completed within the period authorized upon entry to Canada;
  • taking a course or a program of study which is six months or less that can be completed within the period authorized upon entry into Canada.

LCA Prep courses generally last 6 months. Students needing more time will need to apply for a Student Visa before the expiration of 6 months if it determined that they will not finish their Course or Program. Some students will not receive credits if they already have a High School Diploma. Their audit courses are specifically designed to strengthen understanding in particular subjects (Generally Math and English).

Each Student learns at their own pace. As such some student may complete their program or course of study in 4 month and others may need double the time. There is no way for us to determine how quickly the student will adapt to the course of Study.