Student Progress and Login Policy

Only through continuous communication and progress can students be successful in an online course. Within each course the instructor outlines the weekly minimum work requirements through the use of pace charts. These are agreed upon when the course starts. Students may, of course, work faster than originally projected on the pace charts. It is essential that the student and instructor maintain regular contact. To ensure that our students are aware of this commitment, the process outlined below will be followed:

If the student does not submit the expected number of assignment(s) to be on pace and/or log on within a period of seven (7) consecutive days, the student and parent or school will be notified via an internal and external email of his/her unacceptable pace for submitting assignments or participating.

If the student does not respond to the first notification by submitting the expected number of assignments that will catch him up on his pace chart within seven (7) days, the instructor(s) will make contact with the student again and parent or school, this time by a phone call and another internal/external email.
If the student does not respond to the 2nd notification or catch up to where he should be on his/her pace chart within two(2) days, the parents and/or partner school (along with the Team Leader) will be contacted and zeros will be added in the place of all missed assignments.

If the student does not respond by submitting assignments that will catch him/her up to where he/she should be on the pace chart within seven (7) days of the third notification and addition of zeros, the teacher will continue to add zeros on a weekly basis in place of all missed assignments, according to the pace chart.
Once the student is 2 or more modules behind on his/her pace chart, the teacher will assume that the student does not intend to remain in the course. The student’s name will be sent to the LCVA Administration to be dropped from the course. If a student is dropped, there will be no refund of monies paid for the course. A student may be reā€enrolled after an interview and payment of $50 at the complete discretion of the LCVA

Students will have the ability to “make up” the assignments that had zeros added in the place of all missed assignments by either:

• Working ahead and having time to make up the zeros slowly along the way, OR
• Filing for a possible extension from the teacher at the END of the course when all other coursework is done according to the pace chart. Students will be granted extensions on an individual basis.

It is the students’ responsibility to notify the teacher when a past due assignment is made up, so that the zeros in the gradebook can be replaced with an earned grade. Without notification, the zero might remain. All work that is made up (to change a zero) will carry a 20% penalty. Students may request a delay in the pace charts by writing the teacher in advance, which may require the submission of a new pace chart. If there are extraordinary circumstances that prevent this advance notice, students may appeal the zero marks to the teacher, then team leader, and finally the Principal if needed.