What is the Arrowsmith philosophy?

The Arrowsmith program is based on the assertion that “weak cognitive areas can be strengthened through strenuous cognitive exercises.”  These cognitive exercises – the foundation of the Arrowsmith program – may be thought of as a type of ‘physical therapy’ for the brain, and are delivered in three formats:

Pen and paper exercises designed to improve fine motor skills related to written and non-verbal communication

Auditory exercises meant to improve short and long-term auditory memory, phonemic memory and vocabulary development

Computer exercises to strengthen the ability to reason, use logic, reading comprehension, numeracy skills and visual memory for symbol patterns and landmark recognition.

The success of the Arrowsmith program is the result of a solid framework beginning with a careful assessment of each student to insure a highly individualized course of action.  There are seven facets that make up this unique framework:

  • Detailed assessment and identification of 19 learning dysfunctions
  • Innovative methods which include specialized exercises
  • Clearly defined and individualized goals
  • Academic instruction in English and mathematics
  • A positive and supportive learning environment
  • Building self-esteem by developing competence
  • Low student to teacher ratio