Corporate Sponsorship Page

Sponsoring a Student

Financial sponsorship of a student wishing to attend Life Christian Academy is a very practical way of supporting advanced education and training in the community. Many companies and government agencies choose to contribute to students’ education in the form of sponsorship, and Vancouver Island University values this commitment and support.

Formal sponsorship is based on a letter from the sponsoring organization committing to help subsidize tuition and or other fees to Life Christian Academy on behalf of the student. Please do not give tuition money directly to students. We will contact you and invoice you accordingly. 

Agencies wishing to sponsor students have two options:

  1. Complete LCA's   Application for Sponsorship or
  2. Submit a letter


Grade Information

Sponsors who require information on a sponsored student (e.g., grade reports) need to obtain permission from the student before LCA can release such personal information. 

Life Christian Academy reserves the right to decline offers of sponsorship which may not be in accordance with LCA policies. The school may also cancel existing sponsorship, where warranted.