What is Arrowsmith

What is “Arrowsmith”?

Arrowsmith is a program of intensive and graduated cognitive exercises designed to strengthen the underlying weak mental capacities that are the cause of certain learning disabilities.  It is an educational program – not a clinical or treatment program – delivered in a school environment by trained Arrowsmith teachers. 

The goal of the Arrowsmith program is to make special education assistance unnecessary by helping students “increase their learning abilities, and be integrated into a full academic program at their appropriate grade level.”  

The Arrowsmith program has proven effective for students having difficulty with:

  • Reading / Writing / Mathematics
  • Comprehension / Logical reasoning
  • Visual and auditory memory
  • Non-verbal learning / Problem solving
  • Dyslexia / A.D.D.

The Arrowsmith School was founded on neuro-scientific research and has successfully used this exercise program for over twenty-five years.  It demonstrates that it is possible for your child to strengthen his/her weak mental capacities and – quite literally – build a new brain!  As a result, the majority of students in an Arrowsmith program have gone on to realize their academic and personal goals!