Summer School

Why Summer School?

Summer School is about accountability, opportunity and ministry. For some students, Summer School provides accountability when their grades fall short of their school’s academic requirements. At the same time, however, it provides those same students the opportunity to redeem themselves and recover the credit they failed to receive during the school year. The ministry stems from the lessons learned that shape character along with the relationships formed along the way.

For other students, Summer School provides an opportunity to advance, academically, by completing required course work outside of the school year. Instead of accountability, these students require accessibility to the course(s) they desire to take. Ministry takes the form of spiritual and academic growth because their school offers a rich environment where a student can thrive.

Our Credit Rescue classes might appeal to you if you have child trying to recover credits. Students can take Credit Rescue classes if they have previously taken the course, either online or traditionally, and were unable to earn the grade they needed. However, we also offer all of our regular online classes for use during summer school. Because of the rigor of the regular online classes, students must be enrolled and actively working in each class for a minimum of 6 weeks per 1/2 credit. If you have a student who needs to complete a 1/2 credit in fewer than six weeks and is willing to commit to working 75 hours on the coursework, an exemption request can be filed.