Costs and Fees

Costs for the academic program at LCA and LCVA are competitive as compared with those at other private schools, and for international students we have several scholarships available that makes us a very affordable alternative. In most cases international students pay the same academic fees that Ontario residents pay. Costs other than tuition fees, such as health insurance and costs for the school uniform, are very reasonable as well. Moreover, looking ahead to tertiary education, the Canadian provincial governments heavily subsidize tuition for post-secondary education so that the cost of attending a high-quality university or college is generally much lower in Canada than in other countries. 

All the fees listed below are based on minimum standards. Room and Board includes a good solid breakfast and dinner. However, many teens can consume an exorbitant amount of food during growth spurts. Please ensure that your child has enough spending money to supplement their diet if necessary. Homestay with our local families is an extension of our ministry. Non-affiliated families charge between $900-$1200 for room and board. Please respect the families who are willing to serve and be a blessing to your child. 


Miscilaneous costs:
Student Visa - Application fee of $125. This fee is paid to the appropriate agency. 
Health Insurance - Variable. 
School Registration Fee $150 (Non Refundable)

Academic Costs:
Tuition $6,000 - $12,000
(Scholarships of up to $6,000 are available)

School Uniform: $100 - $250

Room & Board: $600-$800/Month
(includes Breakfast and Supper - Students lunch is on their own)

Bus Pass : $75/month

YMCA: $35/month 
DOME: TBA - Canada largerst indoor track and field facility & sports complex

(Only for Students participating in Athletic Ministry)
Tournaments: 10 Tournaments @$35/student $350
Uniform: $150
Runners: $100

Travel Fees: TBD
Hotel, Gas and Rentals are divided equally by all players for any tournaments outside of Ottawa.

Other Fees:
Lap Top: All International Students need a laptop or notebook. If you do not have one, please budget $300.
Cell Phone: Budget $15 - $60/month for cellular fees plus cost of phone (if you do not have one)
Spending Money: Parents Discretion.($125 - $250)
Internet & Long distance fees - although we will do our best to include these charges, they are based on fair use policy. Students excessively using phone and or internet for personal downloads will be charged for the usage.

Please note that accepted applicants will need to pay up to a $2,500 deposit (depending on program selected) which includes one month of tuition, one month accommodation fees and the full Athletic Fee (if applicable) prior to arriving in Canada.   Parents then must pay the appropriate fees on a monthly basis. Please budget $1,500+ / month for the duration of your child’s stay beginning  the first month of arrival. Any missed payments will result in loss of scholarship and a requirement to pay full amounts for the remainder of the year.

If, a child ends up not arriving in Canada, the deposit fee will be returned, or applied to their Online Academy Fees. 

Sample Monthly Fees: (Actual costs may vary +/- $100)
Tuition $600
Room and Board $600
Bus Pass $ 75
Memberships$ 50
Cellular $50
Lunch: $125