Disclaimer - Open letter to Parents
Dear Parent(s),

If you have any question regarding Life Christian Academies International program, please do not hesitate to call us and ask question. 

It is very unfortunate that certain individuals have reprsented themselves to be working on behalf of our insitution and misleading parents. Although these individuals may have volunteered their time with our school, or even coached the kids, they may or may not be authoried to engage in financial transactions on behalf of the school.


Please refer to the COSTS link for a complete breakdown of finances. We have heard that some parents were told that our tutition is $25,000 with a $10,000 deposit fee. This is false information. Other parents have given $500 - $1,000 deposit, without ever speaking to the school, or receivng an original letter of accptance signed by the principal. 

Please do not give any deposit funds to any person (coach, staff, student, or parent) without first speaking with the Principal of the school and receiving an original acceptance letter from Him. Although we do contract with recruitment officers (Coaches, past students), they are compensated directly from the school. Under no circumstance should you ever give a 3rd party a deposit. 

LCA, will not be held liable for the unauthoried actions of individuals fraudulantly misrepresenting our school. 

We live in a fallen world. swindlers and wolves in sheeps clothing are everywhere. Whether you join our ministry or go elsewhere, we pray that The Lord will keep you and yours safe. In Matthew 10:16 we are instructed to be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves. If something just doesnt seem right... ask qesstions.