Students deciding to do a "Victory Lap"
Students interested in taking a "victory-lap" after graduating high school benefit by refining necessary subjects related to a certain program a student may want to take in university/college. They also have the benefit of obtaining credits in certain courses that they will need for their specific university program that they may not have had the chance to take before. At such tender ages (17-19) students are still developing their personalities and exploring their interests, therefore knowing exactly what they want to be is very stressful and illusive. Most students that are not yet ready for the challenges of university elect to take a year off to make use of their time by going back to school. These students are being productive with this "leap year" by having the privilege of participating in extracurricular activities and upgrading on their education.

Every Country - State/Province has their set of rules and regulations of what is required to graduate High School. In Quebec, foe example, they finish high school in Grade 11, but then spend two years in CEGEP basically doing grade 12 & 13. Sometimes, they need even that extra year in CEGEP before moving onto University. Would that not be like doing grade 14? 

What is important is making sure that those who are interested in going to college or university are well prepared academically, emotionally, and most importantly spirutaully (meaning their Christian walk, not some new age nonsence). 

Sometimes it's better to take a year off from school, or to do a "victory lap", rather than wasting a years worth of college/university  tuition trying to figure things out. On average, most students change their disciplines 3-4 times before they graduate. These higher level institutions are laughing all the way to the bank. Everytime they change a faculty, they add on an extra semester or two of academics before they finally graduate. What historically has taken 2-3 years is now taking 3-5 years. Its no wonder that many of these institututions are flush with funds... they have a never ending supply of repeat business. 


So whats' the plan? That is a very good question. Before we can answer that, we really need to know a little bit more about you, your goals and aspirations. Students have several options available to them. However, it is important to note that the most cost effective program, may not necissarily be the best one for you in the long run. Lets explore some scenarios; 



If you are an honor student looking to pick up a few extra credits more specific to your interests, then we can help fill in the gaps with the appropriate courses. Additionally, our dual credit and Advance Placement (AP) courses may be of interest.


Anticipated Fees

Full Time (6 credits)

Deposit: $2,500 (add $100/ per dual credit or AP course)

Monthly fees while @ Home: $350/month

Monthly fees while @ LCA: $1,200/month

(Includes room and board plus other related fees like memberships and bus pass)



Perhaps you have graduated, but you need to improve your Math or English scores before getting into college. maybe or you just need to increase your overall GPA before applying to that Division 1 school. We can help you with a part time or full time program to achieve the needed results.


Anticipated Fees

Part Time* (min. 3 credits)

Deposit: $2,000

Monthly fees while @ Home: $200/month

Monthly fees while @ LCA: $1,000/month

(Includes room and board plus other related fees like memberships and bus pass)


* Additional credits are $600

Add $150 to deposit / per additional credit.

add $50/ to monthly fee / per credit



Maybe, you are a star athlete, and you just want to explore  your options, whilst getting exposure with school and coaches in Canada. As an exchange student you are here for less than 6 months with a focus on planning out your future with the help and guidance of our ministry. Academically, we would streamline you in 3 basic courses worth 1 credit each. SAT/ACT prep course, a Biblical worldview course, and a language course (27 languages to choose from).


Anticipated Fees

Part Time

Deposit: $1,000

Monthly fees while @ Home: $125/month

Monthly fees while @ LCA: $850/month

(Includes room and board plus other related fees like memberships and bus pass)


Please see the costs section for a more detailed breakdown.

Students participating in any sports activities will need to consider the associated fees. Team uniforms, tournament fees and potential travel charges are extra. For example; Basketball participants should anticipate an additional $500 cost upon arrival in Canada to cover these costs along with their monthly fee.  LCA Saints have made a name for themselves in the basketball community (see news), and many scouts and coaches are keeping a keen eye on our players.

All monthly payments are based on a 10 month school year. If your student is in Canada during the summer months, only room and board, bus pass, gym memberships would be necessary.  Budget approximately $650-$700/month plus pocket money.

As a ministry, all fees and budgets have been streamlined to maximize your savings and reduce overall costs. Our host parents cannot be expected to care for your child without timely compensation.  The school is not in a position to carry any room and board fees. Any missed payments will immediately result in withdrawal from the program and your child being sent home.  Although, they may continue with academics, they will miss out on the Athletic Ministry, and therefore any scholarship opportunities. Over the years we have lost tens of thousands of dollars in broken promises. Please note that no transcript, academics records or athletic stats will be released if funds are not paid in full. We appreciate your understanding and support in this matter.

We are offering an international academic placement program that should cost $ 15,000 - $35,000 or roughly $3,500/month. Students should come with the mindset that the difference in what we charge over the programs value has been paid for by Jesus. This is His ministry and he expects the best from his children.